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Cannulas and masks

Brand: Salter Labs Model: Neusbril Salter labs 1600 2.1 meter
Cannula Salter labs 1600 2.1 meter..
Ex Tax:€1.42
Brand: Salter Labs Model: Neusbril Salter labs 2.1 meter Soft
Cannula Salter labs Soft 2.1 meter..
Ex Tax:€1.64
Brand: OXY BV Model: Kind Zuurstofmasker
The new Eco oxygen mask has been launched within the Oxygen & Nebulizer Therapy product group, and using the latest technology has enabled us to combine two non-PVC materials in the same mask.The material that forms the body of the mask is transparent and rigid enough to maintain the shape of th..
Ex Tax:€2.95
Brand: OXY BV Model: Filter Zuurstofmasker
Patients with respiratory infections have specific needs and yet pose a specific risk. Conventional oxygen masks can generate a plume of particles from their exhalation ports, which can travel a distance of 0.4 metresresulting in a potential risk. This Mask combines an oxygen delivery syste..
Ex Tax:€6.88
Brand: OXY BV Model: EZ-Wraps
E-Z wraps with soft tubing to protect ears and closed-cell foam that repels moisture can keep patients ears protected during oxygen therapy. E-Z Wraps can easily be placed on existing cannulas for any patient at risk of or suffering skin breakdown.E-Z wraps with soft tubing to protect ears a..
Ex Tax:€1.65
Brand: Salter Labs Model: Neusbril 2.1 meter High Flow
Neusbril Salter labs High Flow up to 15 liter [er minute..
Ex Tax:€5.00
Brand: OXY BV Model: Zuurstofmasker
Oxygen Mask with 2.1 meter hose5 lpm -35%6 lpm -40 %8  lpm -50%..
€3.82 €4.36
Ex Tax:€3.50
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