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Extension hoses

Brand: OXY BV Model: Verleng 2.1
Connection hose 2.1 meter..
Ex Tax:€2.50
Brand: OXY BV Model: Waterval
Inline Water Trap that catches moisture between bubble humidifier bottles before getting to patients nasal cannula or oxygen make. Ideal for patients who are on long-term oxygen use of oxygen concentrators. Ensures a secure, leak-free coupling with oxygen connection tubing. This easy-to-use ..
Ex Tax:€3.10
Brand: Salter Labs Model: Verleng 7.6 meter
Connection hose 7.6 meter..
Ex Tax:€3.00
Brand: OXY BV Model: Verleng 12 meter
Connection hose 12 meter..
Ex Tax:€7.00
Brand: OXY BV Model: Verleng 4 meter
Connection hose 4 meter..
Ex Tax:€3.50
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Extension hoses
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