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Brand: OXY BV Model: Denneboom
Christmastree for: Devilbiss Healthcare and Airsep Intensity..
Ex Tax:€2.25
Brand: OXY BV Model: Chrome Christmas tree 6 mm
Christmas tree 6 mm for Drive Devilbiss and Intensity oxygen concentrators...
Ex Tax:€8.00
Brand: OXY BV Model: Connector
Connector for oxygen hose to nasal cannula. Or connect 2 hoses..
Ex Tax:€1.20
Brand: Salter Labs Model: Swivel connector
Salters tubing connectors promote patient safety and flexibility Salters swivel connector is used by millions of patients every year to prevent tubing from twisting in the home And static connectors and christmas tree adaptors provide affordable connectors for any configuration..
Ex Tax:€2.27
Brand: OXY BV Model: Waterval
Inline Water Trap that catches moisture between bubble humidifier bottles before getting to patients nasal cannula or oxygen make. Ideal for patients who are on long-term oxygen use of oxygen concentrators. Ensures a secure, leak-free coupling with oxygen connection tubing. This easy-to-use ..
Ex Tax:€3.10
Brand: OXY BV Model: Y-Connector
Connector for oxygen hose to nasal cannula. Or connect 2 cannulas..
Ex Tax:€1.50
Brand: OXY BV Model: Firesafe valve
An increased risk of fire is an unfortunate and all too common problem associated with oxygen therapy. Firesafe™ devices help reduce this risk by isolating the oxygen flow and extinguishing a fire tracking back along the oxygen delivery tubing.Firesafe™ devices can be installed directly in t..
Ex Tax:€6.00
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