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Intensity 10 Liter

Brand: Salter Labs Inc Model: Starterkit HF
Startkit high flow Oxygen Concentrator1 x humidifier bottle 350 ml1 x cannula high flow1 x chrome  coupling..
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Intensity 10 Liter oxygen concentrator Intensity 10 Liter oxygen concentrator
Sale In Stock Flow 2-10 liter
Brand: Caire Inc CAIRE Diagnostics Chart SeQual Technologies Inc. Model: Intensity zuurstofconcentrator
NewLife Intensity 10 oxygen concentrator combines high pressure with high flow to create the premium 10 LPM oxygen concentrator.   It is uniquely designed to meet oxygen patients’ high flow needs while providing the essential outlet pressure to drive special respiratory accessories, includ..
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Intensity filterset for the 10 liter oxygen concentrator..
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