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Brand: OXY BV Model: Kind Zuurstofmasker
The new Eco oxygen mask has been launched within the Oxygen & Nebulizer Therapy product group, and using the latest technology has enabled us to combine two non-PVC materials in the same mask.The material that forms the body of the mask is transparent and rigid enough to maintain the shape of th..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Denneboom (draaibaar)
Rotating Christmastree for: Devilbiss Healthcare and Airsep IntensityA Christmastree  comes in handy when the oxygen tubing does not fit properly on the standard nipple of the oxygen concentrator. The pine holds the tubing in place and limits any leaks when the concentrator attempts to deliver ..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Denneboom (vast)
Christmastree for: Devilbiss Healthcare and Airsep Intensity, Kroeber..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Chrome Christmas tree 6 mm
Christmas tree 6 mm for Drive Devilbiss and Intensity oxygen concentrators...
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Verleng 2.1
An oxygen extension hose is a flexible hose to connect a respirator to an oxygen concentrator. The hose is 2.1 metres long and is made of durable, lightweight material that resists punctures and tears...
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Connector
The oxygen hose is usually connected to the oxygen concentrator and the nasal cannula is connected directly to the patient's face. To connect the two, you will need a connector or adapter...
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Winkelaansluiting
Connector salter labs  for humidifier bottle..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Winkelaansluiting with hose
Connector salter labswith hose   for humidifier bottleUsage: Everflo,Visionaire, Perfect O2, Inogen At home..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Filter Zuurstofmasker
Patients with respiratory infections have specific needs and yet pose a specific risk. Conventional oxygen masks can generate a plume of particles from their exhalation ports, which can travel a distance of 0.4 metresresulting in a potential risk. This Mask combines an oxygen delivery syste..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: EZ-Wraps
E-Z wraps with soft tubing to protect ears and closed-cell foam that repels moisture can keep patients ears protected during oxygen therapy. E-Z Wraps can easily be placed on existing cannulas for any patient at risk of or suffering skin breakdown.E-Z wraps with soft tubing to protect ears a..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Zuurstofmasker
The Intersurgical EcoLite™ range of oxygen and nebuliser therapy products is an important part of the Eco range, which was designed as part of our ongoing focus on sustainable development.Improved patient comfort has played a key role in the further development of the range. The latest production te..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Rental Everflo
Rent the Philips Everflo. Complete with a starterskit ( cannula, extension hose 2.1 and 10 meter , coupling and humdifier bottle)- Rental €  185  incl. vat per month - For private customers there is a deposit of € 200 , of course you will get the deposit back if we have received the d..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Waterval
Inline Water Trap that catches moisture between bubble humidifier bottles before getting to patients nasal cannula or oxygen make. Ideal for patients who are on long-term oxygen use of oxygen concentrators. Ensures a secure, leak-free coupling with oxygen connection tubing. This easy-to-use ..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Y-Connector
Connector for oxygen hose to nasal cannula. Or connect 2 cannulas. And now you can connect 2 x 5 lpm oxygen concentrator to get a maximum of 10 liter a minute. You will need 3 extension hoses...
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