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Kröber 4.0

Brand: Krober Model: Haakse aansluiting
Angular connector for humidifier with hex nut for oxygen concentrators Kröber O2, Kröber 4.0 and TOPAIR 2..
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Kröber 4.0 Kröber 4.0
In Stock Flow 0.1 -0.2 -0.5 steps 0-5 liter
Brand: Krober Model: Kroeber 4
Krober 4.0 is a modern, silent oxygen concentrator (31 dB) on castor wheels.The whisper-quiet Kröber oxygen concentrator impresses not only with its modern design and simple operation. With this device you choose an oxygen concentrator that has been developed according to the latest insights in both..
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Brand: Krober Model: Stoffilter Kröber 5 stuks
Dust filter 5 pcs Kröber..
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Brand: Krober Model: Kröber inlaat filter
Kröber intake filter - Kröber inlaat filter - Kröber 4.0..
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Brand: OXY BV Model: Bacteriefilter
Bacteria filter for  Oxygen concentratorsØ = 5,1 cm, Hoog = 5,7 cmWeight: 9,5 gFiltration capacity 99,999%Conical connection fits  3-6 mm hoses..
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Kröber 4.0
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