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Kröber 4.0

Kröber 4.0
Kröber 4.0 Kröber 4.0
Flow 0.1 -0.2 -0.5 steps 0-5 liter Out Of Stock
Brand: Krober Model: Kroeber 4
The Kroeber 4 concentrator is designed and built by the finest German engineers. It comes with a built-in humidifier bottle and only weighs 16kg, meaning it can be more portable than standard concentrators. Plus it is very quiet and easy to operate!..
Ex Tax:€1,471.56
Brand: Krober Model: Stoffilter Kröber 5 stuks
Dust filter 5 pcs Kröber..
Ex Tax:€8.00
Brand: Krober Model: Kröber inlaat filter
Kröber intake filter - Kröber inlaat filter - Kröber 4.0..
Ex Tax:€8.00
Brand: OXY BV Model: Bacteriefilter
Bacteria filter for  Oxygen concentratorsØ = 5,1 cm, Hoog = 5,7 cmWeight: 9,5 gFiltration capacity 99,999%Conical connection fits  3-6 mm hoses..
Ex Tax:€3.00
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