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Oxygen concentrator maintenance


- Cleaning the oxygen concentrator
- Check the nasal cannula
- Refresh the water in the humidifier bottle.Fill between minimum and maximum (distilled water)
- Rinse humidifier bottle and also cap with clear, warm water.
- Rinse outside of nose glasses with lukewarm water under the faucet, keeping the open ends down to prevent water from entering.


- Clean humidifier bottle and cap with mild soap and water.
- Rinse humidifier bottle and cap under the faucet to remove all soap residue.
- Wipe parts dry with a clean cloth or allow to dry.
- Wipe the surface of the unit with a clean, damp tissue. Use a mild detergent.
- Clean the dust filter (rear) every week or when it is clogged see figure
- Checking extension hoses

Regular use of the concentrators will make the screen beds less susceptible to wear and tear.

Stationary concentrators
Turn them on once a week for at least one hour.
Portable oxygen concentrator
Turn these on once a week for at least an hour.
If you are not using the portable concentrator disconnect the battery and place next to the unit.

Every 14 days:

- The oxygen concentrator should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
- Clean the dust filter on the back.
- Replace nose glasses every 14 days
Every 30 days:

- Replace humidifier bottle
Every 60 days:

- Replace extension tubes every 2 to 3 months

Every year:
- Replace dust filter ( on the back) Replace
- Replace internal filter (inside)
- O2 test
- Cleaning of the oxygen concentrator
- Reporting and advice

Nose glasses, extension tubes, air humidifier bottles are disposables and can be obtained from OXY BV.

OXY BV is not responsible for not carrying out regular maintenance on the oxygen concentrators delivered and supplied by third parties.