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Operation of Oxygen Concentrator

Air, the source gas for the concentrated oxygen that is supplied to the patient, is made up of about 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. High-concentration oxygen is generated by separating this air into oxygen and nitrogen inside the oxygen concentrator.
This oxygen concentrator uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to suck in air via an air inlet which is then fed to an adsorption column by a compressor. Adsorption agent in the adsorption column adsorbs nitrogen, so air that passes through the adsorption column contains less nitrogen and more oxygen than normal to become oxygen concentrated air. The oxygen concentrator is equipped with two adsorption columns. While nitrogen is being adsorbed in one of the columns to turn air into high nitrogen content air, the other column discharges adsorbed nitrogen so that the adsorption agent is regenerated. Oxygen concentrated air is supplied continuously to the patient by alternately using the two adsorption columns in this way.

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