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Covid and Oxygen concentrators

1 It's important to know who needs an oxygen concentrator and when. Any Covid-19 patient with respiratory problems can use a concentrator. Normally, our bodies function with an oxygen concentration of 21%. During Covid, demand increases, and the body may require an oxygen concentration in excess of 90%. Concentrators can deliver between 90% and 94% oxygen.

2 Patients and their families should be aware that if oxygen levels fall below 90%, an oxygen concentrator may not be sufficient and they will need to go to hospital. Most oxygen concentrators can deliver five to ten liters of oxygen per minute.

3 There are two types of concentrators. If the patient is recovering at home, you'll need to buy a home oxygen concentrator. It's large, can deliver more oxygen, weighs at least 14 to 16 kg and requires a direct power supply to operate. Anything lighter is likely to be of poor quality - look out for Chinese websites offering concentrators.

4 If the patient is to travel or be hospitalized, you need to buy a portable oxygen concentrator. They're designed to be taken anywhere, don't require a direct power supply and can be recharged like your cell phone. However, they can only deliver a limited amount of oxygen per minute and are only a temporary solution.

5 The most important thing to understand is that each concentrator has a different oxygen concentration level. Some promise 87% oxygen, while others promise up to 93%. It's best to opt for a concentrator capable of delivering an oxygen concentration of around 93% to 96%. Dist are the concentrators we offer. 6 Buy only trusted brands from your dealer. The main brands are Philips, Drive Devilbiss Healthcare, Caire Medical, Inogen and Kroeber. Chinese brands do not offer the kind of quality and performance that a Covid-19 patient expects from a concentrator.

Always consult your doctor about how to treat your condition.